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Klein A-NCVT-3

SKU: 1045-3075Klein A-NCVT-3

Non Contact Voltage Tester Flashlight

Non-Contact Voltage Tester Flashlight Provides Non-Contact Detection Of AC Voltage Detects 12 To 1000V AC With Simultaneous Visual & Audible Voltage Indicators. Bright Flashlight Illuminates Work Area & May Be Used Independent Of Voltage Detection Function Visual. LED Bar Graph Indicates The Presence Of Voltage – The Higher The Voltage Sensed, Or The Closer To The Voltage Source, The More LED’s Light Up. Audible Voltage Indicator Beeps At A Greater Frequency The Higher The Voltage That Is Sensed, Or The Closer To The Voltage Source. ”Auto Power-Off” Conserves & Extends Battery Life. IP67: Dustproof & Waterproof. Cat IV Safety Rating For 1000V.


PRICE: $39.00 +GST

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